Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Reflections on reflectiveness

"The world arrives to us all at once. It’s complete, whole. When someone is speaking to you, your brain filters out the background noise so you hear their voice louder. The brain is always working to separate the important from the unimportant, editing the reality we perceive according to our fears and desires, and because of this we miss the original wholeness of experience. We live at one remove from our basic experience: it’s necessary at times, but also tiring. Sometimes we need to relax. And relaxation means - well, it means returning to the whole, to the complete experience, to the way things were before the mind took over."

Some reflections on meditation were broadcast recently on RTE Radio 1 in the "A Living Word" Slot. You can listen back or download the podcasts at (Monday 6 to Friday 10 March).

We will hold our monthly meditation morning this Sunday 26 March in Ranelagh, 10am to 1pm. All are welcome.