Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Enlightenment already is

When you sit in quiet inwardness, reality reveals itself naturally. This reality is just the nature of things, independent of your thoughts and opinions.

In every moment, body and mind show their true condition. This has nothing to do with your thoughts. So let go of all thoughts and opinions about yourself. Drop every thought that begins with the word “I...” These thoughts are not reality. They are not true and not false. They are just objects that appear and disappear in the wide field of reality.

Often people think that we have to struggle hard to attain enlightenment. Is this true? What do we find if we stop looking at reality through the lens of our opinions?

The Zen teacher Nansen said “Ordinary mind is the Way”. In the Christmas story, God is present in human form: the shepherds are simply called to witness this. No struggle is necessary.

Enlightenment, or the divine, is not something we have to struggle towards. It reveals itself moment by moment. All you have to do is stop, and see for yourself how things are.