Sunday, 18 February 2018


Enlightenment is not a power
that arrives from outside,

nor is it a product of skill,
effort, willpower
or determination.

It is the simple
givenness of things,
seperate from whether you like them
or not.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

...without either acceptance or rejection

Rather than trying to seek solutions, overcome the self, or be of genuine service to the world, can we as human beings, caught in the midst of endless confrontation and fighting or weary acceptance of things, begin with a completely different approach: listening quietly and feeling inwardly all that's going on in and around us, without either acceptance or rejection?
Toni Packer, The Light of Discovery

* * *

Some forthcoming events:
Saturday 20 January: meditation morning in Ranelagh, 10am to 1pm.
Saturday 24 February: meditation morning in Ranelagh, 10am to 1pm.
17 to 19 March: residential retreat in Roscommon. 

Our weekly meditation group continues in Ranelagh, each Monday at 8pm.